Featured on...

I have had the opportunity to share my story with groups, both large and small, over the past several years. Speaking at colleges and universities, sororities, private organizations, NFL teams and more. Below you will find a small sampling of the media features I have been included in:

Smiley Morning Show

Amidst the Ray Rice scandal in 2014, I was asked to join a top ranked local radio show, The Smiley Morning Show, to share my opinions and my own story of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Local News Story (WTHR)

With the rise of high profile domestic violence cases in our community, I was asked to share my story with the local news to shed light on this growing epidemic.

Local News Story (WishTV)

In the wake of a local high profile domestic abuse murder-suicide, I was asked to speak with local news to share a survivors perspective.

Links to additional media featuring my story:

Brief story covering event I was the featured speaker of at Butler University launching their “It’s on Us” campaign:

Story on local news (Fox59) featuring my story in partnership with local domestic violence organization, The Julian Center:

Brief article in Butler University’s student newspaper following up the event in which I spoke at to launch the “It’s on Us” campaign on campus:

Article in the Butler University Collegian paper discussing event “Why I Stayed” put on by Butler University: